Thursday, July 9, 2009

God must have been a manufacturer

God must have been a manufacturer (and his quality control needs a major overhaul - aptly stated in Abhijeet's blog). No, I'm not saying this because humans seem to be churned out of assembly lines these days, but simply because of a curious parallel I've noticed in these two entities.

The manufacturing sector in India, ones that especially draw their tenets from the old school of thought (about 95% of them comprise of this sector) display a peculiar masochistic feature that is particularly difficult to explain. If a work can be done in an easy way, they will necessarily adopt the alternate route. Almost as if, a person who has not been done to death hasn't done his job. One has to only look at the triumphant smile of the supervisor as he watches his subordinates trudge of weary and haggled after a day's worth of mindless drudgery to know what I'm talking of. And no, he'll never put in his two cents worth of mind to increase the efficiency of the process and reduce the burden of his people.

Ditto for God. A perplexing query struck me yesterday. Just why on earth, did he/she go through the entire trouble of creating us, that too with varied degree of (im)perfection? What's the point of creating us and then supposedly looking down and shedding tears on the degradation of his children? What was the purpose? Simply to give us an experience? Why? Doesn't make sense. One could obviously agree that maybe he didn't create us at all. Maybe, we are a biological accident, but that is so difficult to believe. There must be a billion nucleotides in our body interacting with a cohesion, even the most advanced supercomputer couldn't dream of achieving and that can't be an accident of nature. Somebody designed this to happen. Now, why on hell's name would that person want to do this? What was the business plan?

To start off with, what was the point of the life and death cycle if at the end of it, we were meant to get out of it (please terminate us towards Salvation)? That effectively means, that this life is not a gift. Its a vehicle, which we must drive as per the rules and voila, we get to alight...for good (much like the US vehicle license test). Trouble is, that the rules are hardly clear.

One remembers Al Pacino's iconic dialogue in The Devil's Advocate. "See, but don't touch; Touch, but don't..."; Hang the chap who invented the concept of free will. Its the most confusing piece of thought, I've ever come across. If everything that happens in the world, is but a reflection of our choices, then surely destiny must be a scurrilous and insignificant term. And yet, there exists around 6 billion people in this planet with as many different lines of thinking coupled with an intransigence that can safely account for over 90% of the current problems our planet is facing. So much for free will.

If god didn't exist, this all makes sense. But if he/she did exist, then I sure would love to know, what was the purpose of creating this human race, especially so with their innumberable infallibilities and inequalities. Like that manufacturing supervisor, it would have been so much better if we were all born equals (in every way), or better still, not existed at all since that's the end goal anyway.

Any Answers???